Access Control

NFC is well suited for a variety of applications concerning Access Control and Attendance Tracking, because it's possible to pair an NFC Card to a unique person, with all its data, and track when check-ins and check-out are done.


The Access Control solution can be realized through NFC Tags and a software that tracks the times of entry and exit from a facility.

For this application, NFC can match the high technological reliability and its very flexible nature in order to offer an easy-to-use professional solution, at an affordable price. Users are given an NFC card they simply have to put close to an NFC reader: that's it, presence/entry/exit is registered.

The NFC reader can be a simple smartphone or a standalone device, like the FAMOCO FX100+. The informatic infrastructure on our web servers gets the list of authorized cards and tracks their movements.

A special management solution will enable accurate reporting on accesses occurred, schedules, etc. which will be made available to the manager (think for example to gyms, swimming pools, fairs, private clubs, associations, schools, private institutions, etc.). The application also allows to check the status of the payments, highlighting possible delays to the operator or the manager. It is also possbile to download reports about the economical situation in a certain period of time.

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