Tracking the origin of products and also to guarantee protection of the Made in Italy has undoubtedly become a very sensitive topic today for each product in the field of luxury goods, as in that of textiles and clothing, in the food or in the manufacturing sector where even sophisticated counterfeiting is on the agenda and demonstrate the true added value of the origin becomes a serious problem.

The Made in Italy is synonymous with quality, excellence, value, characterized by attention to details and the raw materials used and must necessarily be safeguarded. Thus it becomes essential to use the most advanced technologies, one of which is precisely the near field communication, to provide the identifying mark of guarantee of Made in Italy as proof of authenticity of its products, creating an advantage for both companies and for Consumers who feel thus better protected.

One of the examples is the traceability of the origin of the wine production, but also applies to the Parmesan, mozzarella or clothing in general and not only, in all those areas where it is essential to determine the exact origin and characteristics that make it unique and therefore different from any other, both in the production area in the world. Then it becomes important to develop solutions using the newest technology and appropriate to trace the origin of the product production to safeguard the quality and safety of the consumer.

Thus, a simple NFC Tag, cheap compared with the value of the property to be protected, properly positioned in the label, the bottle cap or simply pasted wherever you want, will contain information on the provenance of the wine or any other product, year and bottling location, type and care of the vine, harvest information, conservation status, etc. Just then approach a cell to the bottle in the store because a consumer can easily see all the unique information recorded in the NFC Tag that can not be in any way altered or counterfeit, and are the only match that identifying the origin, possess only the manufacturer for inspection in its archives specially maintained.

In other words, the potential consumer before or after the purchase may apply directly to the producer in real time via the Internet, simply by passing the phone on the product, if the bottle or the product of which we are reading the information, actually has its own production and have immediate response, preserving the authenticity of the product and inhibiting counterfeiting.

Furthermore, the use of NFC Tag helps you manage the manufacturer, distributor, retailer and consumer can know in real time the stock cost inventory, sold or purchased and also the costs and revenues for accounting.

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