Mobile Working

The NFC solution in the management of mobile workforce can significantly improve the management of mobile employees by identifying their positions immediately and have access to accounting data, security etc. in real time, just give each worker a mobile phone NFC compatible and affix the tags to NFC rooms, grounds and material.

It allows:

  • plan more easily employee activities;
  • identify and address delays;
  • communicate with the right information with customers;
  • validate a work;
  • assign new tasks;
  • consuntivare working hours of employees;
  • immediately account for the work done.

For example, if every room of a hotel is given an NFC Tag that has all the information of the room when the cleaning staff comes in the room for his business strip the cell supplied to the tag which records the start of cleaning room being informed on the phone even any requests or specific tasks to be performed for that room. Once the room is clean the staff strip back the phone on NFC tags to indicate the end of the cleaning of that particular room and also have information and peculiarities on the next free room to clean.

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