Environmental services

NFC solution for environmental services can have numerous applications, such rationalize and improving the recycling system, track the more virtuous cirizens, in order to adapt taxation to the real consumption and waste production.


This mechanism can stimulate recycling in citizens and companies because the economic incentive is definitely a motivation stronger than that of the environment, without considering the efficiency which would arise in view of the amount of municipal waste collected in the various municipalities, the volumes to be transported, recovered or disposed of, etc.

It allows:

  • speed up the recognition of a fleet of trucks;
  • identify the type of waste transported even during the weighing phase;
  • calculate the amount of waste collected;
  • monitor access to the media and their opening times-out of warehouses;
  • inventory the containers arranged in different zones and their content;
  • reduce the environmental impact of conveying waste according to the new logic of use.

If for example an NFC Tag apponiamo customized to user or building, close to the corresponding container waste collection, this allows operators ecological mark and uniquely identify and automatically the user to which the tag is associated with NFC, allowing the administration Municipal bond to separate collection systems also a service able to calculate the price to pay for waste disposal, based on a detailed accounting based on the quantities actually produced. In practice or containers / bins, tracks, get smart.

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