Supply Chain

The NFC solution in the processes of inventory management, asset and their handling significantly simplifies the tracking of location, status of property, machinery, equipment, inventory, making it better meet the specific needs of the customer and with the advantage of improving ' efficiency and reduce overall operational costs of the supply chain in various sectors such as warehouses, buildings, hospitals, manufacturing and commercial activities in general.


It allows:

  • save time in the operating processes;
  • reduce the cost of identifying items, goods, inventories, etc .;
  • increase the reliability of the data collected;
  • reduce the time and training costs;
  • improve delivery processes;
  • optimize inventory processes, personnel management, accounting and delivery;
  • improve storage processes and inventory control.

For example, if all the shelves of a warehouse were labeled with NFC Tag containing information on online retailer at which the stock or the stock belongs, it is easy for the administrative staff of the storage company to know exactly where the goods ordered and people involved in inventory by scanning the cell can communicate exactly where the goods but also receive information such as the destination of the goods, price, etc. so the team warehouse can more easily find products, making monthly inventory counts, effectively communicating with the administrative staff to bill correctly and send customers the right product at significantly reducing the margin of error and increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of customers.

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