NFC solution in safety management can improve the efficiency constant knowledge of where the guards are and the state patrol to which they belong in order to follow all the procedures set durations around programmed increasing their safety and customer satisfaction.


A security service via NFC allows:

  • greater efficiency within programmed;
  • faster response times in emergency situations;
  • verification of customer control / loop was completed;
  • to provide immediate proof of the control / rev performed;
  • to increase confidence and customer satisfaction.

The NFC solution in security management allows different applications, for example, if you installed the NFC Tag in environments that are patrolled during the activity, with the scanning NFC Tag guards are able to communicate all information to their central like, where they are and that they are now in a certain place, even at defined time intervals, greatly increasing their safety.

If in all the buildings of the structure to be monitored have been affixed the NFC Tag, the Guards will crawl with mobile phones at specific times during the night, if one of these checks jumps, the Guard was contacted immediately by its central to verify the reasons. At the same time, when a Guard performs the check-in on a particular NFC Tag, you can choose to automatically start various actions, such as sending SMS or email confirmation of control occurred.

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