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It's important to check the entire chain of distribution of medical products, from the manufacturer to the consumer, in order to ensure that such products are properly stored and transported, but also identified easily and quickly, so that they can be monitored in all their steps.

The same is expected for the marketing and management of medical gases, precisely in accordance with current regulations that equate such gases to pharmaceuticals.

The need therefore traceability of medicinal products including gas cylinders, can be done in various ways, but the solution is considered more advanced and even less impact economically is one that uses an integrated computer system to Near Field Communication technology and internet ( web services) capable of receiving and processing all the information on the movement, on the technical characteristics of production batches of mobile containers for the different locations of the customers (contracting). Specifically, if during the production of each cylinder of gas is applied NFC Tag that contains unique information, a copy of which is protected only in the archives of the manufacturer, regarding the content, production, lot, destination, transportation, delivery, use patterns, etc.

Then just go to the tank a phone or a card reader for easy management via the Internet mobile containers with data regarding the amount of full containers in the warehouse stocks of empty containers, delivery tasks to the various departments and the precise location of each mobile container within the structure. This system allows all professionals involved to be able to view real-time, full path that runs each mobile container, its features, its contents, lot of belonging and its precise location within the facility user. The NFC solution enables personnel department of the manufacturer, the supplier or distributor and the user to view the status of your storage, track the location of each tank inside the hospital, handle any reorders, consuntivare the use made and plan what needed, it will be guaranteed so during its storage and handling gas cylinders absolute traceability of the cylinders themselves.

In summary the NFC solutions in health care, allow a variety of applications, for example, if each patient is assigned a unique NFC Tag, Tag crawling later said with a phone or a card reader, the patient can be identified and medical information about him They can be transmitted immediately where they are needed for diagnosis or another. Nurses, for example, can be monitored to get the check in and check out during a visit to the patient to have at the end a check that all planned visits have been carried out and the hours worked are registered correctly.

Then use a NFC solution in health means helping staff in patient management while streamlining administrative tasks that can often be an obstacle to the ability to provide effective and timely treatment.

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