NFC solution in safety management can improve the efficiency constant knowledge of where the guards are and the state patrol to which they belong in order to follow all the procedures set durations around programmed increasing their safety and customer satisfaction.

Medical Products

It's important to check the entire chain of distribution of medical products, from the manufacturer to the consumer, in order to ensure that such products are properly stored and transported, but also identified easily and quickly, so that they can be monitored in all their steps.

Environmental services

NFC solution for environmental services can have numerous applications, such rationalize and improving the recycling system, track the more virtuous cirizens, in order to adapt taxation to the real consumption and waste production.


Tracking the origin of products and also to guarantee protection of the Made in Italy has undoubtedly become a very sensitive topic today for each product in the field of luxury goods, as in that of textiles and clothing, in the food or in the manufacturing sector where even sophisticated counterfeiting is on the agenda and demonstrate the true added value of the origin becomes a serious problem.

Health care

NFC in healthcare can help staff in patient management by streamlining and simplifying administrative tasks, where often this aspect is very time consuming and hinders the ability to provide effective care. NFC solution enables a variety of applications in health care. If each patient is paired to a unique NFC Tag, they can be easily identified, in order to get immediate access to all their data.

Supply Chain

The NFC solution in the processes of inventory management, asset and their handling significantly simplifies the tracking of location, status of property, machinery, equipment, inventory, making it better meet the specific needs of the customer and with the advantage of improving ' efficiency and reduce overall operational costs of the supply chain in various sectors such as warehouses, buildings, hospitals, manufacturing and commercial activities in general.

Access Control

NFC is well suited for a variety of applications concerning Access Control and Attendance Tracking, because it's possible to pair an NFC Card to a unique person, with all its data, and track when check-ins and check-out are done.

Mobile Working

The NFC solution in the management of mobile workforce can significantly improve the management of mobile employees by identifying their positions immediately and have access to accounting data, security etc. in real time, just give each worker a mobile phone NFC compatible and affix the tags to NFC rooms, grounds and material.

Other NFC Solutions

The solutions we can adopt this technology are the most varied and allow a multitude of applications, below we mention briefly just to some other example reserving the right to provide further detailed information and draw them and develop them according to the individual needs of the business concerned.

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