Who can get benefits from the NFC?

Tracking CompanySurely all companies or organizations with an interest in mobile working, equipment, inventory, assets, etc. For example in security business it can be used as a monitoring system for guards.

In health care, the NFC can be used to track visits of nurses to monitor patients, access control, etc. Any organization that uses mobile workers who need to efficiently manage their workforce can easily monitor the activities and locations of employees.

In almost all areas, where working with inventories, supply chain management, etc..

What are the real benefits?

The advantages can be summarized as: web interface, cost reduction, speed.

The web interface allows you to check with a glance a lot of operators and all monitored objects or people.


An NFC Tag

Through the control panel, in fact, you can easily keep an eye on all your Tasks (the monitored assets). You can also set the deadlines, which become red in case of delay.

The software also allows you to send alerts via email when monitoring is carried out, certifying the time of the passage and automatically informing all concerned.

The costs are cut down because of the NFC technology. The NFC Tag have a low cost and their durability tends to infinity. They are also compatible with many low-end smartphones.

The NFC Tags also allow you to be faster. Just bring your phone close to one NFC Tag to record the monitoring and automatically send any warnings. All controls are updated in real time. All comments are stored in the cloud, and you can export reports for your customers or for business management, in a faster way.


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